Build the bridge between your church and your community.

Immerse is a 16-month program that helps churches to immerse themselves in their communities for greater impact. Congregational leaders and pastors from across the country will connect virtually as well as immerse themselves in other church contexts to learn from their experiences of building relationships with neighbors and local leaders.

Program Goals

Develop congregation-wide awareness and commitment to the church’s values and mission.

Have the tools to understand and engage the current social realities within their context.

Create an engagement plan that builds relationships at the intersection of the congregation’s values and mission and the community’s needs.

Develop increased congregation-wide participation in the historic Christian practices of prayer and mission. 

Renew their focus on lay leadership over professional leadership of ministries.

Build lasting relationships between church members, neighbors, and organizations in their communities.

Why is it Needed?

Churches are in a time of significant change, grappling with aging memberships, evolving participation patterns among younger generations, societal polarization, and shifting demographics in their communities. Pastors are under pressure to lead through these changes, but often feel ill-prepared. According to The State of Pastors (The Barna Group, 2024), 41% of pastors desire more time for developing leaders, and 37% feel unprepared for delegating and nurturing leadership within their congregations.

Overall, Pastors say they are less trusted by their communities

Do you believe pastors are becoming more or less trusted as a source of wisdoms?

Much more trusted
Somewhat more trusted
Staying the same
Somewhat less trusted
Much less trusted

1% Much more trusted

7% Somewhat more trusted

22% Staying the same

59% Somewhat less trusted

11% Much less trusted

n=523 U.S Protestants pastors. August 28-September 18, 2023
The State of Pastors (The Barna Groups, 2024, pg. 82)

A Solution

Immerse offers a solution by fostering collaborative leadership – empowering elders, staff, congregants, and community leaders to share insights, and distributing the burden of leadership. The Immerse approach balances clear vision with the freedom to innovate, enabling effective leadership at all levels, which can then engage their community for transformation.